Monday, October 27, 2008

shite. man.

had the most random day today. i hit a dude in a small bike with my big ass car. nothing serious not even a police report to match. at the end it was a funny lil' accident. hey shit happens.

these designs are part of the collection of prints i might use. im sure yol get the idea of the look, but unfortunately untill u c the tz u dont really have an idea. remember only 20 tz per design and thats it. talk about exclusivity. but yol dig being unique ha.

by the way i love the font above. my other half of the salmon and toast design team, Junaid created it. it says salmon and toast. dig it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

cool shit

we from far and we gon get far.

salmon and toast

Wha' up. we back on the block. salmon and toast is gonna be a reality again soon. like a month from now. in the mean time I have got sick ass designs. ch-ch-check em out.

what it is we printing 20 t-shirts a month with a particular design. and once that is sold out we print out another 20 with a different design. and feel free to let me know which ones u dig. sweetness.


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